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In situ overlay welding of Alloy 625

In situ weld overly of power boiler tubes with Alloy 625 from proposal to finished project through setting of requirements (requirement review),  visual inspection, XRF, QA/QC,  in close collaboration with contractor and end client has been performed by our engineers. The result of the 866m2 was satisfactory. Contact us for further information.

Project new Recovery Boiler

PROSWECO was hired by a European mill to follow the manufacturing and erection of their new 2100 Tds/24h Recovery Boiler. In total, 6 audits were conducted in various workshops, 4 erection audits were carried out on site along with a check out visit after completion of boiler erection. PROSWECO also assisted the client with proposal review in this major project. Since start-up the boiler has had one outage, during which PROSWECO was hired for annular boiler inspection. 

Technical review of Recovery Boiler offers

PROSWECO have assisted one of its clients with technical review of proposals for a new recovery boiler that will be the largest in the world @ 13.000 Tds/24h


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