PROSWECO provides a wide range of inspection services for the industry world wide. Our core businesses are within the Pulp and Paper industry but also power plants and process industries are our clients. Our main objects are Recovery and Power Boilers, Digesters, Evaporators, etc. A vast knowledge of main supplier designs, their weaknesses and of the industrial process are the basis for PROSWECO’s inspection services.

Överhettarpaneler i en sodapanna
Superheater panels in a recovery boiler

The objective is to carry out a thorough visual inspection of the object (like the boiler steam/water side, the flue gas side, and the exterior) focusing on
the pressure parts but, also including auxiliaries. NDT (Non Destructive Testing) spot checks are made and supervision of NDT/construction contractors is performed. For any emergency issues, the Client will promptly be updated on the PROSWECO approach and, if necessary, PROSWECO personel can be on site within short notice to supervise accurate repair procedures by issuing of work/punch lists to be decided on at daily maintenance meetings. The work/punch lists will include design/construction issues, welding procedures, NDT, sampling, etc.

The repair works are followed-up. The main findings are presented in a written preliminary report by the inspector and discussed at the exit meeting on site. The comprehensive final reporting with its exclusive summary concludes the object’s status based on the findings, the maintenance, and the NDT actions. The report also includes recommendations for immediate, long term and possible project related actions. The final report is often presented at a site meeting with the client. Future actions and proposed procedures, like major modifications, are then scrutinised. The PROSWECO engineers have vast experience and as of today PROSWECO is one of the leading inspection companies in the world.

Our engineers have a broad competence within materials technology, based on a solid academic platform combined with extensive field experience from failure analysis and inspections. This has given us many satisfied recurrent clients.

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