Fatigue Cracking and Prevention

Fatigue cracking is a phenomenon that occurs in metals due to repeated load, which can lead to failure at loads considerably below the material’s static strength. It is estimated that approximately 80-90% of failures of machineries is caused by fatigue cracking originating in negligence and poor maintenance.

Utmattningsbrott av påsvetsad axel
Weld overlaid shaft. Fatigue cracking failure

PROSWECO can provide advice in the following areas:

  • Adaption of actual design
    • Proper design
    • Modifications of the design
  • Failure investigation
    • Determination of root cause
  • Repairs of fatigue cracking
    • Recommendations, technology and
    • Assessment of remaining life length
  • Post treatment of welds
    • TIG-dressing
    • Grinding
    • Pickling
    • Shot peeling
    • Assessments of efficiency by post treatment
  • Fatigue cracking conditions
    • Assessments for the conditions of various materials
    • Testing and evaluation

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