PROSWECO offers a variety of technical seminars, like:

  • Material selection and technology
  • Welding technology and welding instructions, International Standard ISO 3834
  • Experiences from failure analysis
  • Corrosion
  • Risk analysis
  • Independent and third party interpretation of 97/23/EC, Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • Product standards, like European Standard EN 13 445 and EN 12 952

The seminars are typically performed at the Client’s premises, and are customised to address the company’s needs and requests. PROSWECO visits the Client in good time before the seminars are conducted, to collect material that is to be incorporated into the documentation. In the planning of the seminar, it is essential to put effort into accurately defining the target group for the seminar.

PROSWECO’s philosophy for the various training courses is:

  • To provide a proper mix of theory with case studies that are specific to the Client’s business, or are customised to the business.
  • To offer a state of the art seminar based on different presentation models.
  • To strive towards that obtained knowledge can be applied directly.
  • To be entertaining, stimulating and engaging throughout the presentation.
  • To offer a special experience to achieve the optimal result.
  • To reach financial pay-off for the client.
  • To facilitate future maintenance and production.
  • To get immediate feedback. A written test is conducted after the completion of the seminar.
  • That the seminar be offered at a fixed price, and is cost-efficient.

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