Corrosion is defined as attack on material by chemical, usually electrochemical reaction with the surrounding environment. The attack is usually undesirable.

PROSWECO offers a broad expertise in the field of corrosion. The corrosion services are provided in the following areas:

  • Material selection
    • Assessment of the appropriate material based on the prevailing environment
    • Corrosion analysis
Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)
  • Failure investigations
    • Determination of root cause
    • Extent metall loss
    • Analyses of deposits
    • Statements, based on experience
  • Corrosion studies
    • Measurement of corrosion potentials in different solutions and temperatures
    • Field studies
Pittingkorrosion på rostfritt material
Pitting corrosion of the stainless steel layer of a
composite tube
  • Repair methods
    • Replacement of material
    • Material upgrade to, for instance,
      composite steel
    • Life length assessment
    • Economic assessment
  • High temperature corrosion
    • Scaling temperature
    • Molten phase corrosion
  • Post treatment of welds
    • TIG-”dressing”
    • Grinding
    • Acid pickling
    • Specifications and assessment of efficiency

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