Materials Selection

New materials will be developed continuously in the industrial world. Material selection is an essential part for both constructions of new equipment and maintenance of existing parts in the modern industry. The basic knowledge and understanding of the developments in the materials technology has become a competitive tool for all manufacturing industries.

  • Material technology is currently a key competence.
  • Companies are building the future on new material and its novel applications for commercial use.

It is necessary to be able to properly evaluate both the technical and financial implications of a material selection for the long term conditions – What is the optimal solution?

Operation, purchasing, construction and repair work will require enhanced understanding of new material’s properties. Developments in material technology also means more opportunities for applications of alternative material.

Material selection today has a different meaning and dignity than earlier. Processes and industrial methods can be further developed by the utilisation of improved materials.

Cause of material failures
Cause of material failures

PROSWECO has a vast expertise in the field of material technology and is typically addressing issues by responding to questions like:

  • Safety?
  • When was the existing material selectionmade?
  • Who made the selection of the existing material?
  • What were the criteria for the selection of the existing material?
  • Is there an added value in the selection of the new material?
  • Will the performance of the new material be monitored?
  • Is there any long-term planning in the selection of new material?
  • What is the current process for material selection?
  • Is there any external party involved in the process of material selection?
  • Economics/Profitable?

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