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PROSWECO AB is an independent Swedish technical consulting company established 1996 with the ambition and long term aim to be a technical and economical resource of importance for the Swedish and the international industry.

Our ambition is to offer independent services of the highest quality within set time limits. Several of our Clients are large within their respective areas of operation. They set their standards high and we are convinced that they also expect high performance from us. Our objective is to develop long-term client relationships. Through continuous training, as well as pursuit of high quality, we are able to meet these demands.

The Clients are found in a wide range of industrial sectors and especially the pulp- and paper industry. We also have important customers within manufacturing companies, end users and even insurance companies.

We offer a broad spectrum of services to the industry in Sweden and to the international market. Through close co-operation with our clients, PROSWECO’s solutions have proven to be both cost-efficient and durable. Our work has in many cases resulted in significant cost reductions, increased safety and availability for production units.

PROSWECO’s highly dedicated engineers provide state of the art consulting services with hands-on recommendations.

Many projects have been pursued with success through project groups where the know-how and experience within PROSWECO is combined to reach the best result. The final solution is a product of co-operation with our client’s own specialists.

PROSWECO invests in regeneration to operate and develop the business towards new and exciting missions in the future!

Our client’s requirements and financial considerations will always be PROSWECO’s guideline. Our ambition is that quality and cost should be on a par with one another.

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